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FREE DELIVERY on NZ orders over $70.

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Brett Elliott's Ultimate Herbal Detox Kit, The Original Ultimate Cleanse. Inspired by Dr Bernard Jensen's "Ultimate tissue cleansing program" Dr Richard Andersons "Cleanse Purify Thyself". With an illustrated instruction book included, it leads you simply, step by step through an easy detox program. Contains anti parasite herbs too. Includes 4 separate products, to help clear your intestines of faecal matter and help cleanse your liver and kidneys. These include Colon-Aid, Digezaid, Symlax and Livafood. 10 day program. 1 kit
The ultimate cleanse has been inspired by Dr. Bernard Jensen's Ultimate Tissue Cleansing Program and Dr. Richard Anderson's Cleanse and Purify Thyself. This has been combined with traditional American Indian teachings to give you a safe and effective, completely herbal, internal body cleanse.

Why do you change the oil in your vehicle regularly? To keep it clear, clean and running smoothly. Your intestines are also a site of combustion and residue. With our modern diets, residue may build up very quickly. Bread and refined foods are the major cause. Meats, cheese, fries and sweets also congest the system. Over time, sticky plaque begins to line our intestine. This lays the foundation for some of our most common serious health problems.
Colon cancer is the third most common form of cancer, and studies have shown that other forms of cancer can house intestinal parasites at the tumour site. Studies also show that there is a connection between poor intestinal hygiene and virtually all cancers. We maintain that intestinal health is the platform for all healing.
Results: Your intestines represent a huge surface area where you absorb your food. No wonder this kind of cleanse gives you great results. Apart from the possibilities of large increases in energy levels, your metabolism may speed up in general. Allergies may decrease and digestion may improve. Bowel motility should increase. Transit time decreases. Toxic problems such as skin disorders, bowel problems, mucus congestion, fatigue, headaches (particularly migraines), arthritis, acne, obesity, addictions and asthma may all be reduced. Emotional issues may also be addressed when going through this program. Your intestine is an emotional organ and it often connects food with emotional needs. Clarity of mind is often one of the most profound results of The Original Ultimate Cleanse.
Stage 1 Preparation: Over a period of three days you gradually eliminate all meats, processed foods, legumes, nuts and grain products from your diet. This includes all breads, pasta, beans, cheese and any other refined, packaged, canned or preserved products. This kit provides a book with easy instructions and delicious recipes.
Stage 2 Taking the herbs. Its easy, just take the Capsule morning and night. You consume between 8 and 40 Capsules daily. Capsules may be twisted open and stirred into water, juice or a smoothie if you prefer. Brett Elliott's superior formulations contain 21 herbs to support a more comfortable detox and intestinal cleanse.
Stage 3 Detox. Between days 4 and 10 of your detox, any intestinal build up can start to be eliminated. Individual results vary depending on your body's requirements. Normal functions of detoxification are well supported, including the intestines, liver, kidneys and lymphatic system.

Stage 4 Follow Up. It is important to obtain a quality probiotic product (beneficial intestinal bacteria) after completing the detox. Keep your diet healthy and natural, avoiding refined foods, to support the process of healing that you have begun with this herbal detox.


For internal purification. Use to alleviate symptoms of Digestive Problems such as indigestion, abdominal bloating, stomach cramps, stomach acid, gastritis, worms, parasites, sluggish bowel, gas, wind, heartburn. Also to benefit your weight, bowel, intestines, liver, lungs, metabolism, parasites, heart, digestion, energy, and kidneys. Symptoms that could point to high levels of toxicity in the body are headaches, skin problems, re occurring infections, a lowered immunity, lethargy, over heating, bad breath, waking at night (especially between 1-3am) digestive disturbances irritability.
Every day your body is exposed to toxins that can build up inside you. Some experts recommend an internal cleanse 3 to 4 times a year to remove impurities and restore balance. As a result, you feel healthy, refreshed, and energized! No fasting required.


This box pack contains 4 herbal preparations and a 48 page instruction and recipe booklet to guide you through your cleanse.

These are the products:
Colon-Aid. Maintains peristalsis, supports the colon. 120 Capsules. Wormwood bark, Cascara bark, Psyllium seed husk, Black Walnut green hulls, Fennel seeds, Turkish rhubarb root, Slippery Elm, Clove bud, Other ingredients Magnesium stearate and silica.
Digezaid. Supports digestion and nutrient absorption. 120 Capsules. Peppermint leaf, Pineapple extract (bromelain), Papaya extract (Papin), Kiwifruit whole fruit, Ginger rhizome, Cayenne Fruit, Licorice root. Other ingredients: Magnesium stearate and silica.
Symlax. High in soluble fibre for healthy bowel movements and excellent blood sugar balancing effects. 120 Capsules. Psyllium seed husk, Chia seed, Aloe vera.
Livafood Supports liver function and digestion. Nutrient rich formulation. 120 Capsules. Dandelion root, Milk Thistle Seed, Chlorella, Goldenseal root, Cilantro, NZ Kelp (macrocystis pyrifera), Barley Grass. Other ingredients: Magnesium Stearate and silica.
Each pack also contains your User guide and recipe book.


Over 10 days the herbs should help to clear your intestines of faecal matter, and cleanse and stimulate your liver and your kidneys. The illustrated 45 page instruction book, included with this Ultimate Cleanse kit, leads you simply, step by step through an easy programme.
It guides you through a preparation stage of several days during which you avoid certain proteins grains and refined foods. Then just continue, following delicious recipe and food options during the Capsule-taking stage of the cleanse.
Remember to take a probiotic supplement once you have finished this detox, to replenish all of the beneficial bacteria into your intestinal tract.
The dosage of all 4 products is to take between 1 to 5 Capsules twice a day, until finished, or as directed by your healthcare professional.


Directions for use: If taking prescription medication, consult your doctor before use. Do not use during pregnancy or lactation. Keep out of the reach of children. Store away from direct sunlight and heat. No claim to treat or cure any health condition is made.