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FREE delivery on all NZ orders over $70!

Craving Relief. Be Free. For the temporary relief of excessive hunger, cravings for sugary foods, fatty food and cigarettes. May also assist with irritability. Homoeopathic formulations stimulate the body's own ability to assist in restoring natural equilibrium and health " the chemistry of life". They are easily absorbed and may help with the temporary relief of common health ailments. Lactose free 25ml
Updated formula. Previously called Cravings Control Spray.

The Biochemic sprays are a homeopathic formulation. Created with the inclusion of Schuessler Tissue Salts, they are a carefully balanced treatment for the temporary relief of symptoms. Tissue salts are the body's 12 basic minerals which act as catalysts to accelerate cellular balance. Homeopathic formulations stimulate the body's vital force to assist in restoring natural equilibrium and health. Biochemistry "the chemistry of life".

For the temporary relief of cravings for junk food, fats, sugars, cigarettes, stimulants and any other substance which may disturb the natural balance. This natural formula is quickly and easily absorbed, temporarily reducing the discomfort associated with cravings.

Contains equal parts of: Calcium carbonicum hahnemanni 12C, Avena sativa 4x, Strychnos Nux vomica 12X, Strychnos Nux vomica 30X, Magnesium phosphoricum 6X, Kalium phosphoricum 6X and Lycopodium clavatum 6C. Non active ingredients: Contains ethanol. Lactose free

Adults: 1 dose is 4 Sprays.
Children (2-12): 1 dose is 2 sprays.
Directions: Spray under the tongue.
Acute Dose: Take every 30 minutes, until symptoms subside, up to 4 doses, then continue a maintanance dose of 1 dose 4 times a day (maximum of 8 doses per day).
Maintenance dose: Take 1 dose 4 times daily. Consult a health professional if symptoms persist.
For best results, take 10 minutes away from food.

Keep out of reach of Children. If symptoms persist, consult your health care professional.