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FREE DELIVERY for New Zealand orders over NZ$45.00

Bowel Clear with Calendula is a comprehensive bowel formula designed to assist with the relief of constipation and flatulence and to cleanse your large bowel of unwanted wastes and impurities fast. Scientifically formulated, Bowel Clear with Calendula is also ideal for people suffering from stomach spasms, haemorrhoids, bloating, dyspepsia, rectal inflammation and poor digestion. Quick, easy movement. Bowel clear with calendula contains seven carefully selected herbs that gently stimulates your large bowel while at the same time softening your stools. The action created by these herbs allows unwanted waste which has been backed up to move quickly and easily through your large bowel. The herbs in this formula include cascara, sage, black walnut, rhubarb, wormwood, calendula and elecampane. Wormwood or Artemisia is included for is effect on internal parasites. This product is also contained in 15 Day Detox. 30 tablets.

These are some frequently asked questions about this product.
Q. How long can I stay on Bowel Clear? A. We recommend that you don't use Bowel Clear for more than 30 days without having a break....Take about 2-4 week break before continuing. Bowel Clear will enhance your digestion and help keep you regular. If symptoms persist, your should consult a Health Care Professional.
Q. Will it interfere with my medication, including the pill? A. If you are on any medication, please consult your Health Care Professional if you intend using Bowel Clear for more than 30 days.
Q. Can I take Bowel Clear if I am pregnant or breast-feeding? A. We don't recommend pregnant breast-feeding women take Bowel Clear. If in doubt, always check with your Health Care Professional.
Q. Can children take Bowel Clear? A. Bowel Clear is not suitable for children under 15 years of age.
Q. Do I have to avoid the foods you recommend on the above "FOODS TO AVOID" list for Bowel Clear to be effective? A. No! However, for maximum results the answer would be yes! This list is designed to take a load off your digestive system, to maximise the effectiveness of the herbal ingredients within Bowel Clear. If you avoid these foods for the first 15 days you will obtain the best possible results.
Q. Do I have to drink a lot of water? A. This is really important, not only for general hydration, but also because water is essential for flushing your body of toxins. Try to drink at least 8 glasses of unchilled filtered water daily.
Q. Do I need to use anything else with Bowel Clear? A. This depends! If you find Bowel Clear is helping you, but you still need more, then you should consider using one of the other Quick Cleanse companion products listed.

Bowel Clear with calendula
For the relief of: Constipation, flatulence (wind), stomach spasms, bloating, dyspepsia, rectal inflammation, poor digestion, haemorrhoids.

Active Ingredients: Each tablet contains - Herbal Extracts Equiv. to Dry: Frangula purshiana bark (Cascara) 500mg, Salvia officinalis leaf (Sage) 500mg, Calendula officinalis flower (Calendula) 500mg, Juglans nigra fruit hull (Black Walnut) 350mg, Rheum palmatum root (Rhubarb) 200mg, Artemisia annua herb (Wormwood) 100mg, Inula britannica flower (Elecampane) 100mg. Free from added sugar, gluten, yeast, wheat, lactose, corn starch, preservatives, artificial colours and artificial flavours.

Adults: Take 1 tablet twice daily, after morning and evening meals.

Cautions/contraindications. Not to be taken during pregnancy or lactation. Keep out of the reach of children. Avoid during bowel or intestinal obstruction, Do not use when diarrhoea is present, Not suitable for persons under 18 years, Caution: Take at least one hour away from other medications. Whenever suffering from constipation, increase fibre in your diet and drink plenty of water.