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Free Delivery on Orders Over $70!!

Particularly useful if there has been a history of contact dermatitis, or allergy to external parasites. May be of assistance where there is an allergy to plants or grasses, shampoo or possibly fleas. Use with Itch-Away. 100ml

Four Foot Herbals have been developed by qualified Herbalists that are dedicated to producing a quality, effective range of Herbal Products for Animals.
In the development of their formula they have researched old herbals, modern journals and the traditions of Western, North American, Chinese and Indian Herbal Medicine. Their production facilities have been built to the highest standards and all their extracts are produced to human quality standards. All of their products are free of any genetically modified material.
We are proud to bring you a range of effective and safe preparations for your pet.


Skin Allergy contains herbs that have been traditionally used in humans to gently aid allergic reactions of the skin:

Burdock opens up channels of excretion to allow the release of toxins. Thus it is particularly useful in skin and musculoskeletal conditions.
Yellow Dock is a renowned blood cleanser and is used for skin diseases, especially where there is constipation.
Peony works as a diuretic which may help with excretion through bladder and kidneys of any irritating substances.
Devils Claw is also used to remove the build-up of toxins and aid excretion through the kidneys and bladder.


Skin Allergy contains a purely herbal combination of Burdock, Yellow Dock, Peony and Devils Claw.


Add to food or water. Dogs: 2 drops per kg of bodyweight 2-4 times daily. Cats: 1 drop per kg of bodyweight twice a day.


Keep out of reach of Children. Store out of direct sun. This formula contains alcohol. Animal Remedy, not suitable for human consumption.