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Free Delivery on Orders Over $70!!

An anti-parasite formulation for animals which gently expels internal parasites helping to reduce the total worm burden. Can be used on each moon cycle and may be helpful in reducing the frequency of chemical worming. 100ml

Four Foot Herbals have been developed by qualified Herbalists that are dedicated to producing a quality, effective range of Herbal Products for Animals.
In the development of their formula they have researched old herbals, modern journals and the traditions of Western, North American, Chinese and Indian Herbal Medicine. Their production facilities have been built to the highest standards and all their extracts are produced to human quality standards. All of their products are free of any genetically modified material.
We are proud to bring you a range of effective and safe preparations for your pet.


Wormwood Blend contains herbs that have been traditionally used to gently expel internal parasites. This formula will not expel all the worms, but it may reduce total worm burden.

Can be used on each moon cycle to help reduce the population of internal parasites and possibly the frequency of chemical vermicides.
The main use of Wormwood (as the name suggests) is to dispel parasites but also acts as a tonic to the digestive tract.
Tansy is also mainly used as a wormer including hookworm, threadworm and pinworm infestation.
Garlic has an antimicrobial action in the gut and is useful in worming treatments.


Wormwood contains a purely herbal combination of Wormwood, Tansy, and Garlic.


Add to food or water 24-48hrs prior to each full moon in the evening then the following morning. Dogs: 4 drops per kg of bodyweight per dose. Cats: 2 drops per kg per bodyweight per dose.


Keep out of reach of Children. Store out of direct sun. This formula contains alcohol. Animal Remedy, not intended for human consumption.