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FREE DELIVERY for New Zealand orders over NZ$45.00

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Natures Way Garlicin Circulation SmartRelease Garlic Plus Hawthorn Vitamin E Cayenne. Odor free. Using a proprietary enteric-coating, Garlicin tablets are protected from stomach acid. Once in the intestinal fluid, Garlicin tablets completely disintegrate in about 45 minutes, providing maximum allicin release. Garlicin HC Circulations combines the healthy benefits of high allicin potential garlic plus Hawthorn, supports cardiovascular healthy by promoting blood flow to the heart, Vitamin E, an important antioxidant to help support a healthy cardiovascular system and Cayenne, a warming herb that has an invigorating effect. Still with 12mg Rutin per tablet. Helps support healthy heart and circulation. May assist in helping normalise blood pressure reduce cholesterol as well as a variety of other heart circulatory disorders. 90 Enteric coated tablets.

Garlicin HC offers all the benefits of Garlic combined with Hawthorn Berry extract, Cayenne, Rutin and Vitamin E. Just two Garlicin HC tablets a day release 5600 mcg of allicin, as well as 100% of the US RDA of Vitamin E.
Garlic helps support circulation by lowering serum cholesterol and helping maintain circulatory efficiency. Hawthorn is a remarkable and most effective herbal cardiac tonic and has been shown to help normalise blood pressure whether high or low. Cayenne is one of the most effective herbal stimulants known. It rapidly enters the bloodstream, speeding the circulation, strengthening the pulse and equalising the blood pressure from head to toe. Vitamin E has been shown to help prevent the oxidation of cholesterol as well as being antithrombotic. Rutin is important for maintaining elasticity of veins, arteries and capillaries.
All of the Garlicin range from Natures Way are Enteric coated tablets. This helps to ensure the contents of the tablet is not released until the tablet enters the intestinal tract, or an alkaline environment. This helps to prevent the bounce back of garlic odour.


Natures Way garlicin HC Circulation. Used to help in the treatment of heart or circulatory disorders including high and low blood pressure, high cholesterol, hyperlipidaemia, thrombosis, atherosclerosis, phlebitis, varicose veins, atheroma, angina, tachycardia, intermittent claudication, valvular insufficiency, oedema of cardiac origin etc. In addition to its microbial properties.


Each tablet contains: Vitamin E (as d-alpha tocopheryl) 15IU, Garlic powder (Bulb) 310, releasing 2800 mcg allicin, Hawthorn extract (leaf, flower) 25mg, Cayenne pepper fruit 15 mg, Rutin (Sohora japonica) (flower bud) 12 mg. Releases at least 2,800mcg of Allicin per tablet. Other ingredients: Cellulose, sodium croscarmellose, dicalcium phosphate, hypromellose stearic acid, titanium dioxide colour, silica, sodium alginate, vegetable glycerin, medium chain triglycerides, oleic acid.


Recommendation: Take 1 tablet two times daily with meals. Do not chew or crush.


Keep out of reach of children. Consult your doctor if you have a disease or health related condition that requires the lowering of cholesterol. Persons taking anti-clotting medications should consult their physician before using Garlic in medicinal doses. At the recommended dosage of one tablet per day, Garlicin is very unlikely to present a problem with clotting disorders. Not recommended above stated dosage for nursing mothers (this applies to raw Garlic also). No other interactions or contraindications are known. In all cases of ill health, seek professional advice.