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FREE DELIVERY for New Zealand orders over NZ$45.00

Propolis is a natural immune-supporting substance gathered from trees by honey bees and used to protect the hive against infection. The antioxidant effects of flavonoids have been shown to be beneficial in maintaining a healthy immune system. 25ml

Comvita Bee Propolis helps prepare your body to prevent illness. Propolis is one of the earliest bee products used by as a medicine, with historical documents from the 4th century, revealing that Hippocrates practiced apitherapy by recommending propolis as a treatment. Comvita propolis comes from unspoilt areas of New Zealand where specific deciduous trees, such as Poplar, Willow and Birch, produce natural sap and resins with high levels of flavonoids to defend buds and broken limbs from infection. Honey bees gather the resins and add their own special substances to make propolis, which they use to protect the hive. Thus propolis is known as 'nature's best defence'. Propolis is a powerful antiseptic agent and is unfailing in its ability to initiate the body's own immune defences, inhibiting the spread of unwanted disease. Propolis has a cleansing effect on the bloodstream, dispensing unwanted bacteria and fungal parasites and significantly reduces symptoms arising from environmental toxins and food allergens. Rich in natural bioflavonoids, Propolis also works to maximise the effects of Vitamin C. Propolis is thought to strengthen the cell walls of mucous membranes, which are potential sites of entry for invasive substances. This makes it a safe, natural cleanser suitable for all ages. What does PFL stand for? PFL stands for Propolis Flavonoid Level. Scientists tell us about flavonoids (also known as bioflavonoids) and how these account for the colour and health giving nutrition of fruits and vegetables. Flavonoids are essential to a nutritious diet and healthy lifestyle. Very high levels of flavonoids can also be found in propolis and account for much of its anti bacterial, antiviral and antiseptic properties. However not all propolis has the same high levels of flavonoids. This explains what many propolis users have known all along: that the effectiveness of propolis is related not so much to its concentration, but to its source. While many products measure propolis concentration, this does not necessarily equate to any flavonoid activity. Thus one brands 10% strength product may be more effective than another brands 25% strength product, due to its variety and volume of flavonoids. The New Zealand institute for industrial research and development of the Taiwan Propolis association have tested and verified that Comvita propolis products have significantly higher flavonoid levels than many other leading international propolis brands. To help you buy the most beneficial product for you, Comvita has introduced a revolutionary new standard to clearly show the amount of flavonoids that each propolis product contains: The Propolis Flavonoid Level or PFL. The PFL refers to the concentration of flavonoids in each propolis product (mg of flavonoids per gram of product) A high PFL rating means a high level of flavonoids and better health for you.

Natural Antibiotic effect. Anti-Bacterial, Anti-viral, Anti-septic, Anti-Fungal Antibiotic effects. Propolis has been used for rashes, blemishes (e.g. acne) and skin lesions. Has been shown to be helpful for preventing infection of burns, to help with herpes, cuts, stings, grazes, sores and cold sores.

Each 1.25ml contains: Ethanol (bulking agent), Propolis Tincture (equivalent to 111mg pure Propolis).

Comvita Propolis Tincture 10% can be applied directly to affected areas, or mix 6-10 drops in water and drink or gargle up to three times per day. This can be increased if necessary.

Keep out of reach of Children. CAUTION: Propolis may cause allergic reactions in allergy sufferers. If in doubt, do not use.