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Natures Way Willow Bark (Salix spp.) Natural Aspirin. May be used as an alternative for treating mild fevers, headaches, the symptoms of colds, infections, arthritis other forms of pain caused by inflammation. Without gastrointestinal side effects of synthetic Aspirin. 100 Vegetarian Capsules

Willow Bark - Salix spp.
In 1827, leroux, a French Chemist, extracted a substance he called "Salicin" from the bark of the White Willow tree. Salicin is the pain relieving, main active ingredient of white willow bark.
In Germany, 1890, Felix Hofman and Fredrick Bayer used White Willow and found a related compound to Salicin-Acetyl-Salicylic Acid. In 1899, this product, eventually called Aspirin (Bayers Aspirin), was marketed commercially, when Bayer and Hofman switched to synthetic sources, using phenol and sodium hydroxide, instead of the natural willow bark extract.
Natural Aspirin
Aspirin, the most used drug in the world, is simply a synthetic form of White Willow. Some side effects of aspirin are interference of blood clotting processes, stomach upsets, stomach bleeding, ulcers, hives, asthma, hearing loss, dizziness, shortness of breath, anaemia, pregnancy problems, urinary infections and Reyes syndrome.
Salicin or White Willow is natural and is converted by the body to Salicylic acid, which is mild to the stomach. Salicylic acid performs the same role in the body as aspirin, but it does not have the side effects of aspirin. The natural form of salicortin from plant sources passes harmlessly through the gastrointestinal tract without causing stomach upset, ulceration or bleeding.
The salicortin is absorbed through the intestinal wall and converted to salicylic acid in the blood liver. This conversion process takes several hours so results will not be immediate like Aspirin, but relief seems to be sustained for several hours longer once this conversion has taken place.
Willow bark has been used for centuries
The Indians have been using willow for centuries. It is mentioned in Egyptian Papyri and Hippocrates prescribed it for pain and fever etc. The historical uses of White willow bark are extensive. It contains other organic compounds not found in aspirin which helps the body use Salicin, with no apparent harmful side effects.
There are 3 major uses of White Willow Bark - Reduces fever, Pain reliever, Anti inflammatory. It has been used in the following - Arthritis, headaches, sore muscles, inflammation, pain.

White willow bark is used predominantly for inflammation and pain control. It will take longer than Aspirin to work but relief seems to be sustained for several hours longer. Can be used to treat the following disorders: arthritis, pain, inflammation, fever, dandruff, eye problems, period pain, muscular pain, influenza, chills, eczema and nosebleed.

Each vegetarian Capsule contains 400mg of Willow Bark which is harvested from trees in Bulgaria. Other ingredients: Plant derived Capsule

Adults: Take 2 Capsules twice daily - up to six Capsules as needed per day with water.

Keep out of reach of children. While people with known sensitivity to Aspirin or other salicylates may wish to exercise caution, there is no evidence that the types of reactions known to be associated with the pharmaceutical salicylates is also associated to salicylates containing herbs.