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Break Free From IBS-D

Break Free From IBS-D

Are frequent bouts of diarrhoea preventing you from living both your personal and professional life to the full? Enterosgel, a new drug-free treatment backed by research could put an end to your IBS-D misery for good.

It is estimated that 20 percent of the UK population will suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrom (IBS) at some point, with symptoms ranging from abdominal pain and bloating, to bouts of diarrhoea or constipation. All of which can be the source of great discomfort and embarrassment, turning everything from going to work, to attending social events into a real struggle.

Why I have IBS?

In people with IBS-D, which is characterised by frequent bouts of diarrhoea there is often no specific cause or explanation for their symptoms, it may be connected to changes in the gut microbiome, increased secretion in the gut or bile salt malabsorption. It is widely accepted by gastroenterologists that these causes are complex and individual, results in more misery and little hope of leading a normal and active everyday life.

Until Now....

Backed by hundreds of scientific research studies over the last 30 years, Enterosgel is a drug-free oral intestinal absorbent, proven to help alleviate acute diarrhoea and IBS diarrhoea, and bloating symptoms, which starts working in just 15 minutes, or as soon as it gets to your stomach!

How to treat diarrhoea without drugs?

Enterosgel works its magic, by binding bacterial toxins and other harmful substances such as immune proteins, fat molecules, gases and bile acids. These substances are then removed from the body with the stool, effectively alleviating the symptoms of IBS flare ups, and reducing stool frequency and the duration of diarrhoea. Effective safe and drug-free, Enterosgel has been sold as an anti-diarrhoea treatment in Europe for over 20 years, with no adverse side effects reported. It's gentle on the gut, completely non-allergenic and contain no additives and preservatives, and is free from sugar and gluten. Taken with water, Enterosgel is tasteless and is suitable for both adults and children and can be taken safely alongside other medications. 

For optimum results and alleviation of IBS-D symptoms, a 21-day full treatment programme is recommended, by taking a tablespoon of Enterosgel mixed with water 2-3 times a day. You only need to complete a full treatment programme once to optimise your bowel function and after completion, you may need to use Enterosgel symptomatically, should you have any flare-ups, without resorting to a life-time supply of drugs and supplements. 

The Research.

Supported by hundreds of scientific studies, it is proven the Enterogel can absorb bacterial toxins products by E. Coli, Shigella and C. difficile, all of which are common causes of gastrointestinal disorders. Further published research has also shown Enterosgel can effectively reduce diarrhoea and nausea after radiotherapy in patients with uterine and cervical cancer. 

Article supplied by Natural Meds, sourced from Good House Keeping Magazine

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