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Support Your Sinuses This Spring

Support Your Sinuses This Spring

No one likes a runny nose, sneezing, itchy, watery eyes, tight chest or blocked airways. These can all be the unpleasant symptoms of winter ills and chills or for those who suffer from long term or seasonal allergies.

Our noses are our body’s filtration system for the lungs. Our nasal passages are designed to keep harmful pathogens from entering our lungs. They stave off everything from infections to cigarette smoke, so it’s easy to see why having a properly functioning nasal system is worth it.

The mucous membranes in our sinuses become extra active when the immune system senses a larger threat, like when you have a cold or allergies, and flood the sinuses with mucus. The immune system also inflames the lining of the sinuses to help fight the pathogen, which can clog the nasal passageways and cause a stuffy, sometimes painful and irritated, nose.

The goal of sinus or respiratory supporting herbs are to reduce the microbes and bacteria that are irritating our immune system, reduce inflammation in the sinuses, and promote decongestion without drying out mucous membranes.

Although the conventional medicine industry is ripe with treatments such as antibiotics, nasal sprays, and pseudoephedrine based products, there are natural alternatives that won’t leave your nose dry and your body depleted of good bacteria.

There are great herbal formulas designed to help support sinus and respiratory congestion, asthma and symptoms commonly associated with allergies, the common cold, influenza and bronchitis. Here are some of our top suggestions:

Nature's Sunshine HistaBlock contains a powerful blend of ingredients that enhances immune functions to helps to inhibit the release of histamine and other inflammatory compounds that initiate the sneezing, swelling and itching caused by an allergic reaction.

Clinicians AllerStop is a natural, easy-to-take chewable tablet that works within 15 minutes to help support the body's response to indoor and outdoor allergens such as pollen, pets, dust/dust mites, mould and grass.

New Era Combination H Tissue Salt helps to bring the body back to balance to support symptoms of hayfever, allergic rhinitis and allergic dermatitis.

Go Healthy Allergy Support is a comprehensive formula which supports the ability to naturally deal with allergens for clear airways in the head. This natural support is enhanced with key ingredients at triple strength levels, including Horseradish, Odourless garlic, Histadine and Quercetin.

Solgar Quercetin Complex is a unique formula that may be effective in supporting normal health and wellness in individuals that regularly suffer from allergies, especially histamine related seasonal allergies. Quercetin is a potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory that has been shown to help prevent histamine release and the manufacture of allergy-related compounds.

Weleda Gencydo Nasal Spray supports the nasal passages during exposure to seasonal allergens, such as grasses and pollens. It contains lemon and quince extracts in a saline solution the spray helps to soothe and tone the mucous membranes, and wash away allergens from the nasal passages.

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