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The Story of Madura Tea Estates

The Story of Madura Tea Estates

Out of clutter, find simplicity. - Albert Einstein

Our office was initially established in 1978 by a third generation tea planter, Michael Grant-Cook and his wife, Norma. Their vision was simple - craft a perfect brew by blending both Australian grown and hand selected premium teas from around the world.

A tea purist at heart, Michael pioneered one of Australia's few sustainable tea farms, taking early steps to nurture our delicate eco systems that supported his tea plantation. By the late 80's Madura introduced Australia's first green tea to the market - an instant success! Our green tea still remains as one of Australia's most popular green blends.

In early 2000 our 'office' had grown to be one of the most modern tea packing facilities established in the Southern Hemisphere - implementing innovative concepts of sealing our teas in barrier film, guaranteeing freshness and flavour.

As a key employer in Northern NSW, the Madura family's office comprises of more than 50 staff working to ensure that our award winning teas continue to be enjoyed across the globe.

We invite you to join the growing Madura family and enjoy our award winning teas and discover why Madura means 'Paradise'. Or better still, come and visit our office and experience the beauty that surrounds Madura Tea Estates.

Maduras Brews

We believe there is nothing more enjoyable than a Madura Brew.

It takes years of experience and extensive knowledge of the global tea industry to source pure teas and craft blends that deliver satisfying flavour to discerning tea drinkers.
Our artisans masterfully select and craft our Madura teas to achieve consistency, cup after cup, resulting in an exceptional taste time after time. Our tea is hand crafted to ensure, when brewed, each sip is refreshing, delicious and consistent. All of our blends and single origin teas are packaged and sealed onsite, ensuring freshness and protection from tampering and contamination.

With over 20 stunning blends to choose from - take some time out and enjoy our award winning teas.

Maduras Philosophy

Our Philosophy - With each sip, a chance for timeout, a chance to relax
We strive to live by Michael and Norma's vision of growing sustainable tea. We do this by ensuring that we respect our environment by working to reduce our carbon footprint - including the installation of over 400 solar panels. This installation supplies all our electricity requirements with any excess being fed back into the grid - assisting our local community.

Like the estate's founders our philosophy remains simple - pure tasting quality tea. We will continue to strive to ensure our product development, tasting, grading, blending and packing remains Australian - ensuring excellence from plantation to cup.

It is no surprise that our tea is award winning - we are dedicated to ensuring this and that we continue to remain Australia's Favourite Tea.

Maduras Business Profile

Madura Tea - An Australian Success Story 'From Plantation to Cup'

Pioneers of one the earliest sustainable tea plantations in Australia, Michael and Norma Grant-Cook laid Madura Tea's foundation back in 1978 in the fertile farmlands of Northern New South Wales. Fuelled by a vision to create the purest tea blends while nurturing the ecosystem that sustains them, the Grant-Cook legacy has been upheld as a blueprint for quality tea, underpinned by a respect for environment and community.
Today, Madura Tea has evolved into a multi award-winning producer of over twenty blends, with a loyal client base Australia-wide and overseas. Renowned for our passionate approach to the art of tea making, Madura Tea remains a family owned and operated business, employing a locally-sourced team of fifty that share a love for quality tea, and a commitment to maintaining the standards and principles on which the company has been built.

Led by a hands-on management team supported by an experienced tea technician, Madura Tea are continually assessing, tasting, blending and grading our tea to ensure it retains the quality and flavour for which it's celebrated. While we pay careful attention to market trends, it is the enduring flavour of our classic blends that have stood the test of time, earning them Canstar Blue's prestigious Blue Taste Award for Australia's best teabag across four consecutive years.

Always striving for perfection in taste and flavour to maximise our customer's tea drinking experience, Madura Tea's brews have expanded over the years. Boasting a range of classic handcrafted blends, including black, white, green, chai, and organic teas, we also produce popular herbal infusions featuring creative flavour combinations such as lemon myrtle, lemon, lime and ginger, and seven spice chai, as well as the more traditional tastes of peppermint and camomile.

Taking a holistic approach to our operation, Madura Tea is proud of our strong position in a competitive market, and the reputation as Australia's foremost wholly owned and operated tea plantation. In an effort to support our ideals of sustainability, and offsetting our environmental footprint while giving back to the community, the 250,000 plant strong operation is powered by over 400 solar panels, with each stage of production assessed for its impact on the surrounding co-system.

Madura Tea also supports systems thinking, a responsible global environmental approach now being adopted by forward thinking manufacturers where bulk ingredients are shipped and packed in the country they are to be sold, rather than packed in developing countries and shipped all over the world thus creating high carbon emissions and greater impact on our planet.

It is this forward-thinking approach to sustainable business that saw Madura Tea pioneer Australia's first green tea in the late nineteen eighties, be first to market with pyramid tea bags, designed for more effective infusion, and seal our teas in barrier film for freshness and flavour.

Keen to show off our state-of-the art tea plantation and packing facilities, Madura Tea invite the public to visit us in our stunning hinterland setting. Estate Tours run on Tuesdays and Thursdays, with guided tours showcasing the full 'plant to pack' tea production process.
The Madura Tea Shop is open on weekdays with a range of tea blends, teaware and caddies, and sweet treats. To maximise our unique location, business has extended to host corporate events and weddings, with a purpose-built function room to suit groups of every size and budget, nestled among the pristine rainforest backdrop.

While Madura Tea is proud of our Australian owned and operated status, we want our product to stand for itself. To this end we are looking to the future by drawing on the past. Our philosophy will always be firmly entrenched with the simplistic ideals of our founders - a commitment to producing the purest, freshest, highest quality tea, to be enjoyed by lovers of tea across the globe.

You can view our range of Madura teas here

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