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Which Magnesium Supplements Is Best For You?

Which Magnesium Supplements Is Best For You?

Magnesium as a supplement has around for decades and exists in various forms, including Citrate, Glycinate, and Oxide, each offering their own distinct advantages. However, trying to decide which form best suits your individual needs is crucial.

While commonly known for its role in muscle relaxation and supporting a restful sleep, magnesium offers a wealth of additional advantages.

Let's explore some of the more common forms of magnesium and why which one might be better for you than others. 

Magnesium Oxide, despite its high elemental magnesium content, Oxide has a very low absorption rates within the body. It is frequently used as an antacid or laxative. When magnesium is not able to be absorbed by the body it is eliminated, but not before making its way through the digestive track absorbing water along the way. This is what causes the loose, diahorrea like bowel motions that can occur when using Magnesium Oxide.

Magnesium Citrate is magnesium bound to citric acid. This is a lot more absorbable that Magnesium Oxide, but in high doses can cause bowel looseness. It is one of the more common forms of magnesium used in supplements and can support muscle relaxation and stress levels due to its calming properties

Magnesium Chloride is most commonly used as a topical magnesium solution, and can help to treat symptoms of heartburn and increase magnesium levels. Rubbing it into the skin can help to support muscle fatigue and restlessness. Magnesium Chloride is known to cause a tingling, slightly burning sensation when applied to the skin with no base, but this is a sign of a magnesium deficiency

Magnesium L-Threonate is abit more of a specialised form of Magnesium that is special due to its ability to cross the blood-brain barrier, thereby supporting cognitive function and memory enhancement. It is an invaluable asset for those seeking additional brain support, while nourishing the nervous system.

There is a multitude of different forms of Magnesium that can add additional benefit to your daily routine. Take a look at our range of Magnesium Supplements here to find the best one for you.

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