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Who Are Pro You and Why Do We Love Them

Who Are Pro You and Why Do We Love Them

We get approached by lots of different companies with a variety of products to be part of our range offering. We always try and ensure that new products and brands that we bring into the family align with our values, and have a point of difference.

When Anna approached me with Pro You, I was immediately interested. I did my research into her products, the company story and values and couldn’t wait to find out more. The formulations really impressed me from the start. I could tell from the ingredients used in the Whey and Pea protein that a lot of thought had gone into these formulas and they were not just another protein powder.

So what’s in them?

Well, apart from the obvious protein component, the addition of B vitamins really gives you an extra boost and the amounts per serve are enough to support your recommended daily intake. Some people do like to take higher amounts of B vitamins, so a B complex can be taken in conjunction, but I honestly didn’t feel like I needed it.

We all know that Magnesium is essential for our muscular and nervous system and to find it added into a protein powder is something that I have not seen in a NZ made protein powder before. Also having Zinc, Vitamin C and Vitamin D (in the Whey protein) supports your immune system and helps the body to deal with the stress of our busy lives.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I feel that a protein shake in the morning is just not enough to keep me going ? satisfied, but the addition of the Flaxseed fibre in these protein blends helps to fill you up, plus it’s naturally rich in omega-3 and antioxidants,  that’s a win win.

Let’s not forget about the Ashwagandha. Now this is a first and I am loving it! Ashwagandha is an adaptogenic herb that helps us “adapt” to our different environments, meaning that it can help us to deal with stressful situations. It also helps with physical endurance, mental clarity and supports our nervous and immune systems.

I also find that they blend really easily in a shaker mixed with just water and taste really good. They are also, low in sugar, as they only use Monk Fruit as a sweetener (no bitter stevia after taste!!). They are only available in Vanilla at this stage, but is a great base to mix with your favourite things if you want to change the flavor.

So as you can see, I am totally sold on the formulas, but what about the company?

Pro You focuses a lot on sustainability and supporting local businesses, with products being produced locally.

They only work with suppliers and producers who are committed to sustainable practices. For example, the pea protein isolate used in their Pea Protein Blend is sourced from Cosucra, a family-owned company based in Belgium that is committed to sustainable business practices. They are also GMO Project Verified and USDA NOP organic certified, produce their own solar energy, and reduces CO2 emissions through energy recovery of organic waste.

Anna’s story is one that a lot of us can relate to. A busy mum that burnt the candle at both ends until there was nothing left. Anna ended up being diagnosed with a debilitating autoimmune condition, and this was the turning point in her life. She knew that she needed to recover and get her nutrition back on track, but was frustrated with having to take a multitude of products and not knowing which of the many snippets of information being thrown at her was best for her. Working with her husband and brother-in-law they started working on a range of products that would be tailored to people with busy lives to help keep you well, give you energy and load your body with the much-needed nutrients to live your life to the fullest.

And that’s how Pro You started.

I know I have found my new favourite product, so what are you waiting for? Try it for yourself and notice the Pro You difference

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