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FREE DELIVERY on NZ orders over $70.
FREE DELIVERY on NZ orders over $70.


  • Healthy Price
    Enterosgel Enterosgel
    from $24.95

    Enterosgel is a medical device that binds and supports the removal of harmful and toxic substances, allergens and by-products of metabolism. It has...

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  • Pro-life Cold-ez Lozenges
    Pro-life Cold-ez Lozenges

    Cold-ez Hot Menthol Lozenges are packed with the nutritional goodness of zinc and vitamin C, key nutrients for the functioning of the immune system...

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  • Inner Health Inner Health Plus
    Healthy Price
    Inner Health Inner Health Plus
    from $27.95

    Ethical Nutrients Inner Health Plus. A high potency probiotic containing 25 billion good bacteria in every Capsules! Aids in the maintenance of a h...

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  • Nature's Sunshine ALJ
    Save $7.35
    Nature's Sunshine ALJ
    Original Price $36.65
    Current Price $29.30

    Natures Sunshine ALJ. ALJ is a herbal formula designed to help relieve respiratory congestion and symptoms commonly associated with the common cold...

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  • Efamol Efamarine
    Healthy Price
    Efamol Efamarine
    from $37.95

    Efamol Joints Efamarine Optimum Ratio of Purified Fish Oil EPO. Healthy Joint Mobility A Healthy Heart. Efamarine provides an optimum nutritional r...

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  • Radiance DigestEnzyme
    Healthy Price
    Radiance DigestEnzyme
    from $23.50

    Radiance DigestEzyme. Papaya melon + enzymes. Supports healthy digestion. Made from 100% natural ingredients including papaya melon, enzymes and ch...

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  • Ethical Nutrients Mega Zinc Powder
    Save $4.00
    Ethical Nutrients Mega Zinc Powder
    Original Price $27.50
    Current Price $23.50

    Ethical Nutrients Mega Zinc Raspberry, for fast replenishment of zinc levels. A highly concentrated and absorbable Zinc powder for the prevention a...

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  • Nature's Sunshine HistaBlock
    Save $8.70
    Nature's Sunshine HistaBlock
    Original Price $43.60
    Current Price $34.90

    HistaBlock provides nutrients that support healthy respiratory function as the body battles irritants, pollutants and toxins. Stinging nettle provi...

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  • Ethical Nutrients Extra C
    Healthy Price
    Ethical Nutrients Extra C
    from $26.50

    Ethical Nutrients Extra C. Highly absorbable Vitamin C Powder. pH adjusted Vitamin C supplement with hesperidin and cysteine. Assists in the manage...

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  • Go Healthy Go Breathe Clear
    Save $15.79
    Go Healthy Go Breathe Clear
    Original Price $44.99
    Current Price $29.20

    Go Healthy Go Breathe Clear. Respiratory and Pulmonary Support. A a comprehensive formulation that provides natural support for healthy respiratory...

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  • Go Healthy Go Allergy Support 60 caps
    Save $17.49
    Go Healthy Go Allergy Support 60 caps
    Original Price $49.99
    Current Price $32.50

    Go Healthy Go Allergy Support Triple Strength Sinus Allergy Support. Horseradish Odourless Garlic Complex. A comprehensive formula which supports t...

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  • Solgar Digestive Enzyme Tablet
    Save $7.60
    Solgar Digestive Enzyme Tablet
    Original Price $37.90
    Current Price $30.30

    Solgar Digestive Enzymes. Providing digestive enzymes which breakdown (digest) proteins, carbohydrates, starches and fats, with the addition of pep...

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  • Radiance Digestaid
    Save $10.55
    Radiance Digestaid
    Original Price $65.50
    Current Price $54.95

    Radiance DigestAid. HCI + Pepsin. Supports optimal digestion. Inadequate production of hydrochloric acid (HCl acid) in the stomach is relatively ...

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  • Nature's Way Zinc Lozenges
    Nature's Way Zinc Lozenges

    Natures Way Zinc Lozenges A practitioner grade zinc supplement with added echinacea and vitamin C. This combination of zinc gluconate and citrate, ...

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  • Enzymedica MucoStop
    Save $6.90
    Enzymedica MucoStop
    Original Price $66.85
    Current Price $59.95

    Enzymedica MucoStop. Nasal Sinus Congestion. Contains exculsive mucolase enzyme, to break down mucus and reduce histamine. MucoStop is a blend of p...

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  • Harker Herbals Intestinal Cleanse
    Healthy Price
    Harker Herbals Intestinal Cleanse
    from $29.95

    Harker Herbals Intestinal Cleanse. Parasitic / Immune System Boosting Tonic. 100% Natural. Active Ingredients Wormwood, Green Walnut leaf, Thymol a...

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