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FREE DELIVERY on NZ orders over $70.

Natures Way Dandelion Root. A powerful liver and gall bladder tonic. Helpful in cases of acne, acts as a diuretic. One of the best available for inducing the flow of bile gastric juice, it will stimulate the kidneys, gall bladder, bladder, liver, spleen pancreas.
Dandelion has two particularly important uses in the body. The first is to promote the formation of bile from the liver and taking it will also help to remove excess water from the body, especially when resulting from liver problems. Dandelion should be considered primarily as a liver tonic and bile stimulant. As well as this it has the added benefit of lessening the tendency to form gallstones. It has proven so beneficial in this regard that it should be included in therapeutic programs where the person has a history of stone formation or where gallstones are suspected. Dandelion supports liver function by acting as a blood purifier. It is an excellent blood cleanser and is most effective on the liver, kidneys and skin. It gradually restores tone to the entire digestive tract. This herb is one of the best available for inducing the flow of bile and gastric juice and it will stimulate the kidneys, gall bladder, bladder, liver, spleen and pancreas. Dandelion is an excellent herb to give to people who are suffering from hypoglycaemia and diabetes. This is because the root of this herb contains inulin, which has a regulating effect on the pancreas. The milk from the stem will help to clear up warts, pimples, sores and blisters. It is very high in vitamins and minerals, such as iron, copper, silicon, magnesium, sodium, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, sulphur, vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, C, and D. It also contains some protein and the liver regulating substance choline. This makes Dandelion an invaluable herb to help keep these nutrient levels up in the body. It is a good herb to use when a diuretic action is needed. This is caused by the high level of potassium in dandelion, more than any other medicinal plant. Recent research has isolated a hormonal substance in dandelion, which has estrogenic qualities. It is an excellent herb to use in cases of gout as the high amounts of sulphur it contains will help to eliminate urea and uric acid.

You should consider taking dandelion if you have any of the following: poor liver or gall bladder function, chronic arthritis, acne, chronic skin infections, are over weight, have rheumatism, gout, stiff joints, cold sores, high cholesterol, fluid retention, haemorrhoids, gall bladder discomfort or stones, poor digestion, high blood pressure, inflamed liver, constipation, PMS, bloating and yeast infections such as Candida.

Each Capsule contains 510mg of Dandelion Root. This is wild harvested from premium European sources

2 Capsules twice a day, with a meal. Leanne's suggestion is to always start with just 1 Capsule once a day only. Take 1 Capsule for 3-4 days, then increase to 1 Capsule twice a day. Each 2-3 days, increase by 1 Capsule until you have eventually built up to the 2 Capsules twice a day.

Keep out of reach of children. In case of gallstones, should be used only after consultation with a qualified practitioner.