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FREE delivery on all NZ orders over $70!

Energy Supplements

Your day-to-day routine can take a toll on your energy levels. Eating a healthy diet, exercising, and getting enough sleep are excellent ways to maintain your natural energy levels. But this isn't always possible, especially when juggling the demands of daily life, Fortunately, we offer a range of supplements to help energy levels and boost productivity. Browse our range of energy supplements below


  • Xcel Health Superior Iron

    Now in 30 capsule size. Xcel Health Superior Iron. A high quality, NZ made iron supplement for people with low iron levels or anaemia. Superior Iro...

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  • Quest Vitality ThyroVital Complex
    Sold out
    Quest Vitality ThyroVital Complex
    Original Price $47.00
    Current Price $45.00

    Please note that this product is for practitioner dispensing only. Click here for more information Product Information Quest Vitality ThyroVital Co...

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  • Doctor's Best Fully Active B Complex
    Save $3.50
    Doctor's Best Fully Active B Complex
    Original Price $34.90
    Current Price $31.40

    Doctors Best Fully Active B Complex featuring Quatrefolic. Supports energy production. Provides B vitamin forms ("vitamers") for absorption and opt...

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  • Go Healthy Go Multi Everyday
    Healthy Price
    Go Healthy Go Multi Everyday
    from $26.00

    GO MULTI EVERYDAY is a high potency, all in one multi-vitamin and mineral supplement designed for both men and women. GO Multi Everyday works to su...

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  • Life Health Noni Capsules
    Life Health Noni Capsules

    Life Health Noni Capsules. Pure Noni Powder. Morinda citrifolia. These Capsules are made from Pure Noni Fruit of mature morinda citrofolia trees. ...

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  • Now 7-Keto 100mg
    Save $3.20
    Now Now 7-Keto 100mg
    Original Price $64.90
    Current Price $61.70

    7-Keto-DHEA is a naturally occurring metabolite of Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA). 7-Keto-DHEA is involved in many biological functions including ce...

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  • Ethical Nutrients Super Multi Plus
    Sold out
    Ethical Nutrients Super Multi Plus
    Original Price $41.95
    Current Price $35.50

    Ethical Nutrients Super Multi Plus, a high strength, high potency daily multivitamin. Containing Milk Thistle, which works as a liver protectant an...

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  • Nature's Sunshine Liquid Methyl B12 Complete
    Save $11.90
    Nature's Sunshine Liquid Methyl B12 Complete
    Original Price $43.50
    Current Price $31.60

    B vitamins offer many health benefits. They help support energy, maintain the nervous system, immune functions and buffer the effects of stress. No...

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  • Clinicians Iodine Oral Drops
    Save $1.00
    Clinicians Iodine Oral Drops
    Original Price $16.99
    Current Price $15.99

    New and Updated Clinicians Iodine Oral Drops are based on the Lugol's iodine formulation, which combines elemental iodine, with potassium iodide, b...

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  • Radiance Multi For Women
    Healthy Price
    Radiance Multi For Women
    from $23.90

    New Updated Formula! Now in Vegetarian Capsules with the addition of Marine Collagen Peptides and now using Iron Bisglycinate! Radiance Women's Mul...

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  • Go Healthy Go B Complex
    Healthy Price
    Go Healthy Go B Complex
    from $19.50

    GO B COMPLEX contains a full spectrum of B Vitamins to help support the health of the nervous system, promoting good mood, mental clarity and provi...

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  • Solgar Formula VM 2000
    Solgar Formula VM 2000
    from $29.90

    Solgar VM-2000 is an award-winning, best selling-multivitamin. A twice a day high potency formula containing 32 key vitamins, mineral and amino aci...

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  • Nature's Sunshine Energ-V
    Save $10.25
    Nature's Sunshine Energ-V
    Original Price $37.65
    Current Price $27.40

    Energ-V provides essential nutrition to the glandular, nervous and circulatory systems of the body. It works with these systems to promote normal e...

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  • Good Health Iron Chews
    Save $4.50
    Good Health Iron Chews
    Original Price $21.00
    Current Price $16.50

    Good Health Iron Chews are a great tasting, one a day chewable tablet providing 20mg of iron (per tablet) to help support the management of dietary...

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  • Sensational Bee Bee Pollen Capsules
    Save $2.50
    Sensational Bee Bee Pollen Capsules
    Original Price $25.00
    Current Price $22.50

    Sensational Bee Pollen 500mg capsules. Bee Pollen is one of natures most perfect superfoods. As an excellent concentrated source of essential nutri...

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  • Sensational Bee Bee Pollen
    Save $4.25
    Sensational Bee Bee Pollen
    Original Price $68.20
    Current Price $63.95

    Bee Pollen is one of natures most perfect foods. As an excellent concentrated source of essential nutritional elements, it can be useful in convale...

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  • Lani Lopez Pez-Rez Boost
    Lani Lopez Pez-Rez Boost

    Lani's Naturopathic Formulation Pez-Rez Boost. Resveratol with Piperine to support absorption and effectiveness. Enjoy fundamental good health. For...

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  • Nutra-Life Co-Q Max 150mg
    Save $11.45
    Nutra-Life Co-Q Max 150mg
    Original Price $59.95
    Current Price $48.50

    Nutralife Co-Q Max Heart Health Formula 1 a day Natural Co Enzyme Q10 High strength easily absorbed. Naturally fermented.Co-Enzyme Q10. each Capsul...

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Recharge with the Right Types of Energy

Whether you’re fuelling up to seize the day, battle through a midday slump, or hit the gym, energy supplements are a great and healthier alternative to the standard cup of coffee. We supply a wide range of supplements to cater to your individual needs.


Caffeine doesn’t have to be a no-go when looking for healthy energy supplements. Guarana is a herb that contains caffeine and can improve energy levels throughout the day. We supply a range of supplements containing guarana so you can stay healthy and keep your caffeine hit. If you’re already getting caffeine from other sources, be careful not to overdo it.

Vitamin B12

With more and more people deciding to switch to vegan or vegetarian diets, vitamin B12 deficiencies are rising. B12 works to transform the food you eat into energy that your body can use. Without it, your body simply doesn’t work the same and can’t produce sufficient energy. Vitamin B12 supplements are an excellent way to boost your energy levels if you potentially lack vitamin B12.

Concentrated Superfoods

Superfoods such as beetroot are a fantastic source of natural energy. However, you don’t want to be eating beetroot for breakfast, lunch, and dinner to reap the rewards. Concentrated superfood supplements such as our beetroot powder make it easy to get the energy-boosting benefits out of superfoods. Beetroot contains a high amount of nitrate that will produce nitric oxide in the body, increasing blood flow and oxygen delivery. This allows your body to create energy more efficiently, particularly regarding exercise.

Herbal Energy Boosters

We offer many herbal energy boosters such as Ginseng and Ashwagandha-based supplements for those of you with a green thumb and a preference for a natural alternative. Ashwagandha is thought to increase energy by enhancing your body’s physical and mental stress resilience. Ginseng has been shown to help fight off fatigue and bolster energy levels at a cellular level, with lower oxidative stress and higher energy production in cells.