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Kid's Supplements

As kids grow, it's essential that they receive the vitamins and minerals required for optimal health and development. Our range of kids' supplements can give your children the boost they need to take on the challenges growing up. Supplements help fill in the gaps of a healthy diet and give parents peace of mind. 

Support your little one's health with our wide range of children's vitamins and products formulated to support their development and wellbeing. Browse our selection below.

Does Your Kid Need Supplements?

Supplements may not be necessary for healthy kids who have a well-balance diet. However, many kids are picky eaters, insisting on a diet of chicken nuggets and fish fingers, making it hard to meet the nutrient needs of their growing bodies. Minerals and vitamins for children can help fill in these gaps.

Before you add any supplements to your kid's diet, run it past your healthcare provider. Overdoing it with specific vitamins can be harmful; choosing supplements specifically formulated for kids and consulting a health professional first is critical.

What to look for in Kids' Supplements

The most effective supplements will be the one your child is willing to take! Look for fun flavours in chewable forms, but make sure they understand these are vitamins, not lollies. 

Essential nutrients your child may benefit from:

  • Vitamin D: Vitamin D is essential for growing bodies but can be hard to source from food along. Kids' vitamin D supplements can help combat this; we stock a range of such supplements. 
  • Iron: Iron-rich foods aren't often at the top of your kid's list of favourite foods, so it can be challenging to get enough of it into their diets. Iron is vital to moving oxygen from the lungs to the rest of the body and assists muscles in storing and using it. A lack of iron can cause serious health concerns, including mood issues, fussy eating and tiredness. If your child lacks iron in their diet, you should suggest adding iron supplements to your doctor during your next visit. 

Support Your Little One's Growth

At Healthy, you will find a range of kids' supplements to suit all ages. From children's vitamins to sleep solutions, you will find everything you need to support your child's health. Everyone needs a little help sometimes, and Healthy is here to lend a hand.