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Natural Libido Supplements and Intimate Care Products

Sexual health is important to our overall wellbeing, and yet it is often pushed aside or ignored. Along with a complete diet and regular exercise, you can support your sexual health with our range of natural libido supplements and intimate care products; explore our range below.
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    Women's Intimacy Support

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    Women’s Intimacy Support is natural ORAL support for vaginal health and libido in peri-menopausal, menopausal and post menopausal women. It is a un...

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    from $14.50
    Healthy Price

Natural Intimate Care Products

Opt for the all-natural route when you want to get things a little steamier in the bedroom. Our range of organic intimate care products is safe and free from unnecessary ingredients. When looking for some inspiration in the bedroom, get back to basics with Healthy's natural intimate care products. 

Our Favourite Natural Libido Supplements

It's not uncommon for sexual drive to wane, especially as your get older. Turning to natural libido supplements can be a fantastic way to support your sexual health. Here are a few of our favourite supplement ingredients we offer here at Healthy.


L-Arginine is an semi-essential amino acid that our bodies naturally produce. This acid converts into nitric oxide, which leads to the dilation and relaxation of blood vessels. The effect of high levels of L-Arginine can help to treat sexual disorders, such as erectile dysfunction, and is can be made more effective when used in conjunction with other  herbal supplements like Tongkat Ali.


Tribulus is a small leafy plant; its roots and fruit have been popular in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. While commonly marketed as a sports supplement due to its apparent ability to boost testosterone, Tribulus has also show its ability to increase sex drive in both men and women. 


Maca is a root vegetable commonly used to enhance fertility and sex drive and one of the most widely used natural libido supplements available today. Studies have found that Maca can improves sperm quality and quantity and may act as an aphrodisiac for men and women.