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FREE DELIVERY on NZ orders over $70.
FREE DELIVERY on NZ orders over $70.


  • Kiwiherb Comfrey Ointment
    Kiwiherb Comfrey Ointment

    Kiwiherb Comfrey Ointment. Natural relief for sprains, fractures and wounds. Remember comfrey for comfort in fractures, long-standing chronic ulce...

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  • Kiwiherb De-Stuff 100ml
    Kiwiherb De-Stuff 100ml

    Kiwiherb De Stuff Ear, Nose Sinus Support. De-Stuff is a pleasant tasting formula that directly targets blocked sinuses or a stuffy nose. Made from...

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  • Kiwiherb De-Stuff For Kids
    Healthy Price
    Kiwiherb De-Stuff For Kids
    from $23.95

    Kiwiherb De-Stuff for help to clear sinuses, nose and ears. A New Zealand made herbal combination of BioGro certified Organic Elderflower, echinace...

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  • Kiwiherb De-Stuff Rub
    Kiwiherb De-Stuff Rub

    Kiwiherb De-Stuff Rub, certified organic ointment. Targets the upper and lower respiratory tract. A natural decongestant for infants and children 2...

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  • Kiwiherb Echinature
    Kiwiherb Echinature
    from $29.40

    Kiwiherb Echinature. Echinacea with Active Manuka Honey. Immune enhancing herb. May be used to help prevent or treat the common cold and flu or any...

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  • Kiwiherb Kids Calm
    Save $12.80
    short dated
    Kiwiherb Kids Calm - Short Dated
    Original Price $26.30
    Current Price $13.50

    Short Dated till June 2021 Kiwiherb Kid's Calm To soothe emotional and digestive upsets. A 100%, sweet tasting, natural herbal formula designed as ...

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  • Kiwiherb Manuka Mouthwash

      Kiwiherb Manuka Mouthwash is a pleasant tasting mouthwash that freshens the breath and helps maintain a healthy mouth and gums.  Contains New Zea...

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  • Kiwiherb Meno-Balance
    Kiwiherb Meno-Balance

    Kiwiherb Meno-Balance. Menopause Support. Organic New Zealand. Proven herbal support for hormonal and temperature balance, mental focus and emotion...

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  • Kiwiherb New Zealand Manuka Oil
    Save $0.80
    Kiwiherb New Zealand Manuka Oil
    Original Price $44.70
    Current Price $43.90

    Kiwiherb Manuka Oil 100% Pure Essential Oil, leptospermum scoparium (aka Red Manuka). Premium New Zealand manuka pure essential oil for powerful n...

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  • Kiwiherb Skin Clear Gel
    Sold out
    Kiwiherb Skin Clear Gel

    Kiwiherb Skin Clear Acne Relief Gel. With New Zealand plant extracts and featuring New Zealand Manuka oil, Totarol oil, as well as Meadowfoam seed ...

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  • Kiwiherb Stresscare
    Sold out
    Kiwiherb Stresscare

    Kiwiherb Stress care, formulated here in New Zealand by medical herbalists and pharmacists, drawing on extensive clinical knowledge. It contains t...

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