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FREE DELIVERY on NZ orders over $70.

This product is now discontinued. We have limited stock available of Xcel Health Immune Boost - which is the same formula, different name. 

Xcel Health Herpeze, formulated by Leanne James for speeding up the recovery time from cold sores and other viruses caused by the herpes virus. Support immunity. Contains L-Lysine, Vitamin A, the minerals Zinc Selenium, as well as the antiviral herb Olive Leaf. The nutrients in this formula work to boost your immune system and help specifically with viral complaints such as a cold sore. Herpes simplex 1 and 2. Shingles.

Not a Cold Sore Again!
Cold sores are the result of a recurrent viral infection by the virus herpes simplex. They occur about the mouth, lips, genitals or eyes.The incubation period is 2-12 days averages 6-7 days.
Outbreaks may follow minor infections, stress (emotional, dietary environmental), sun exposure and stress. Many women find they will get an outbreak the week before their period. Chronic, persistent herpes infections are seen in immuno-suppressed individuals.
What contributes to the virus becoming activated?
A diet rich in the amino acid arginine low in lysine has been shown to contribute to a herpes infection/out break/activation. Arginine is required by the virus to make its viral proteins.Lysine, also an amino acid, has the ability to fight the infection regulate the uptake of arginine from the diet.
Therefore supplementation with Lysine, while restricting your intake of arginine is considered essential.
Which foods contain higher amounts of Arginine?
Foods that contain high amounts of Arginine include: Chocolate, peanuts, almonds, cashews, pecans, brazil nuts, carob, dairy products, garlic, peas, barley, soy protein, sea food, whey, whole wheat. If you suffer with reoccurring outbreaks, you should consider eliminating these foods from your diet and especially until you have things more under control and out breaks are few and far between.
Support your immune system
Supporting your immune system is also essential. As well as Lysine, Herp-Eze also contains the mineral Zinc and Vitamin A, both important for the immune system. Selenium, a powerful antioxidant has also been added as it is deficient in NZ soils.
Taking a probiotic is vital, as 70% of your immune system is situated in your intestinal wall. Making sure you have a healthy balance of beneficial bacteria throughout your gastro intestinal tract is an important step in helping to keep cold sores under contol. We recommend the Inner Health Immune Booster for Adults.

What About My Personal Hygeine When I have a Cold Sore?
It is VERY important to remember that the Herpes virus is HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS. From the moment you notice the 1st tingling sensation this virus is active.
If you do not use good hygiene practices, you will easily transfer this virus to different parts of your body or to other people. If you have cold sores of your mouth UNDER NO CIRUMSTANCES should you kiss anyone or share cups, cigarettes or food.
Once you have the virus, you will always have this in your body. The frequency of outbreaks on the particular lesion will become less less and they can eventually "wear them selves out". However in times of stress etc, you could experience another out break in this area.

Formulated specifically to help with that dreaded virus herpes simplex 1 2:

Cold sores
Herpes Zoster
Chicken pox
Type 1 2 Herpes Simplex

Can be taken daily as a preventative and then increased when the virus becomes active, to help shorten its duration.

Each vegetarian Capsule contain elemental: L-Lysine 500mg, Zinc (Citrate) 15mg, Olive Leaf (Olive Leaf Extract 20:1) 175mg, Selenium (selenomethionine) 70mcg, Vitamin A 5000IU and in a base of Calcium Ascorbate (Buffered Vitamin C). In a vegetarian Capsule.

Adults: Take 2 Capsules, once a day, preferably at dinner.
A more intensive dosage could be used initially, of up to 6 Capsules in 24 hours. Always have After food, as zinc on an empty stomach is nauseating.
Each 1 Capsule contains 5000iu of Vitamin A. If pregnant seek professional advice before taking.

Keep out of reach of Children. Do not take during pregnancy, without 1st seeking professional advice, as each Capsule contains 5000IU of Vitamin A. Do not take if you have liver disease. Please be aware that each 1 Capsule contains 15mg of elemental zinc. You should not take more than 6 of these Capsules in 24 hours.