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Free Delivery on Orders Over $70!!

Natures Way Black Walnut Hulls (juglans nigra) Traditionally used to treat internal parasites skin disorders such as psoriasis. Also used as an addition to a detox program to cleanse the digestive tract. Also helps the thyroid, as it is rich in iodine. These hulls are harvested green from un-sprayed North American trees and carefully air dried. Intended for short term use only. With 500mg per Capsule. 100 Capsules

Black Walnut for parasites
Black Walnut hulls are known for their anti-parasitic action. Because of this it is useful in worming programs and is often found in parasite formulas. More and more people are concerned these days about the presence of intestinal parasites in the body.
According to numerous studies, nearly 85% of Americans have parasites in their bodies. Some researchers believe the number is closer to 100%.
Due to the vast number of illnesses implicating parasites as the cause, a regular natural detoxification programme including an anti-parasite formula and colon cleanser to promote proper elimination has been recommended by various naturopaths. Black walnut hulls are in most of these formulated products. The extract of the hulls can be taken internally or used externally for skin disease, eczema, herpes. psoriasis and skin parasites. The bark is useful for constipation. An external application is good for viral fungal infections of the skin, such as ringworm, impetigo, athletes foot, cold sores and mouth sores.

Black Walnut Hulls, harvested green from unsprayed North American trees. Widely known for its anti-parasitic qualities in treating digestive parasites such as worms. Also used in the treatment of impetigo, herpes, athlete's foot, ringworm, acne, thyroid disease, colitis, eczema, haemorrhoids, sore throats, tonsillitis, skin irritations and wounds.

Each Capsule contains 500mg of Black Walnut Hulls. This is picked green and comes from wild unsprayed trees in North America. Other ingredients: Gelatin (Capsule) cellulose

Recommendation: Take 2 Capsules, twice daily, preferably with food. For a therapeutic effect, this could be taken up to three times a day.
Can also be steeped as a tea and used as a fomentation for external application.

Keep out of reach of children. Intended for short term use only. A health care professional should be consulted before this herb is used for extended periods.