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FREE DELIVERY on NZ orders over $70.

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Golden Fields French Coffee Low caffeine beverage made from coffee, malted barley, chicory and yannoh. The 25% coffee in this product comes from Papua New Guinea or East Timor. It is a fine hand picked certified organic Arabica which is lightly roasted. Arabica is a variety of coffee grown in highlands and naturally low in caffeine. The digestive chicory root, the sweet nutty roasted malt and the tonic yannoh combine with real coffee to make Goldenfields french coffee a drink full of character and with low caffeine.

French Coffee is coffee mixed with chicory and roasted malt. As well as this, some Yannoh has been added to enrich to flavour. The digestive Chicory roots, the sweet nutty Roasted Malt, the tonic Yannoh combine with real Coffee to make Golden Fields' French Coffee a pleasing, full-bodied coffee with low caffeine content. A great drink to have when you are trying to cut down on your coffee content.


A refreshing drink. A great way to cut down on the amount of caffeine you have, but still have a full of character drink.


Roasted Chicory root, Coffee (25%), roasted malted Barley, Golden Fields Yannoh. All ingredients are organically grown. Yannoh contains roasted cereals (naked barley, winter wheat), roasted pulses (broad-beans, marrow fat peas) and roasted chicory root. Organic origin certifications.


Directions - Sachets: Use sachets like tea bags. Infuse for two to five minutes and stir. For best results heat cup first, use boiling water and cover. Or steep one sachet in a two-cup flask.

Directions - Granules: Use one teaspoon of grounds per cup or one heaped tablespoon per litre of water. User percolator, plunger or teapot.
Golden Fields' French Coffee is not bitter, it can be taken black or white. Store sachets in an air-tight jar. Loose grounds are also available, suitable for your plunger or percolator.


Keep out of reach of children. After opening, dispose of oxygen-absorbing sachet and store coffee in an air-tight jar. Protect from humidity.