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FREE delivery on all NZ orders over $70!

Crystal deodorant in this spray bottle. Use as your daily deodorant. Eliminates odour, by neutralising the bacteria before it causes a smell. Completely free from fragrances, chemicals or dyes. No aluminium chlorohydrate. Suitable for men women. Fragrance free. 118ml

Crystal Body Deodorant is made of 100% natural mineral salts, which are hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, non-sticky, non-staining, and can be used by both men and women. If you have sensitive skin or allergies, or simply want a healthy alternative to mainstream, chemical-laden deodorants, this deodorant is for you! Crystal Body Deodorant is Cruelty Free and Safe for the Environment.
Body Odour. If you are one of those people who believe that body odour comes from perspiring, you are only partially correct. Body odour is actually a by product of the perspiration coming into contact with the bacteria on your skin. Eliminate one or the other, and you have eliminated body odour. However, it is not healthy to try to stop your body from perspiring. Your body regulates its temperature by perspiring, and it eliminates a small fraction of the toxins with which you come in contact with on a daily basis. Eliminating the bacteria from this equation is obviously the healthier choice.
Mineral Salts This deodorant stone is made of 100% natural mineral salts. How is that different? Most deodorants on the market are made of chemicals formulated in laboratories &ouml unnatural, unhealthy, chemicals that can be very harsh to your system.
How Does it Work? With the Crystal Deodorants, the mineral salts form a topical layer on the skin, creating an environment impossible for bacteria to thrive. They eliminate the odour-causing bacteria, and therefore eliminate body odour.
How is that different from mainstream deodorants? Most deodorants mask body odour with a perfumed scent, or contain alcohol to shrink pores, or aluminium chlorohydrate/aluminium zirconium. These compounds enter the pores and physically block or clog them to reduce the flow of perspiration. In essence, they inhibit the body's natural expulsion of toxins.
Additional Benefits Because it is a solely topical product it is completely hypoallergenic. It is also fragrance free, non-sticky, and will not stain or otherwise adversely affect your clothing (even the most delicate, such as silk). It leaves no white flakes or residue on your clothing or skin and is Environmentally Safe.
Is Alum Safe to Use? Yes, alum is safe to use. In fact, many health professionals recommend these products. Alum is made up of a variety of mineral salts which, when combined, form an entirely new mineral compound. The molecular structure of the alum mineral compound is physically too large to be absorbed into the skin rendering it completely topical and safe.
Will this Reduce my Perspiration? The Crystal Body Deodorants are just that - deodorants. They are not anti-per spirant's which inhibit the flow of perspiration. Your body will still be allowed to naturally expel toxins through sweat there simply wont be any of the accompanying odours.
How Should I Use it for Best Results? Simply moisten the top of the rock or stick and apply generously to clean skin. Ideally, these deodorants should be applied to the skin directly after bathing. In that way, the bacteria that cause the odour have not yet had the chance to form on the skin and the barrier that the deodorant provides is at its peak effectiveness.

Apply after bathing to eliminate body odour. Can also be sprayed on the insides of shoes and onto areas of clothing that are exposed to odour.

Ingredients: Purified Water (Aqua), Potassium Alum (Natural Mineral Salts), Sodium Bicarbonate, Benzoic Acid (natural preservative), Zinc Gluconate (natural preservative)

Directions: Spray underarms, feet and other areas of your body to eliminate body odour.
Apply after bathing. This product can also be sprayed on the insides of shoes and onto areas of clothing that are exposed to odour.

Keep out of reach of Children.