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Free Delivery NZ Wide on orders over $70!
Free Delivery NZ Wide on orders over $70!

Doctor's Best Proteolytic Enzymes provides a broad spectrum of vegetarian proteolytic enzymes that provide support for muscle, joint, and overall tissue health. Proteolytic enzymes aid the body in digestion and convert proteins into their constituent amino acids. Enzymes are required to facilitate many diverse chemical reactions in the body. Supplementing with proteolytic enzymes augments many metabolic functions performed by endogenously produced enzymes.


  • Helps support protein digestion
  • Helps support normal metabolic functions
  • Featured delayed-release vegetarian capsules for better absorption and function
  • Broad-spectrum proteolytic enzyme formulation

Serving Size - 3 Capsules
Amount per serving

Bromelain 576 GDU
Papain 10,077,000 PU
Amylase 36,000 DU
Lipase 405 FCC FIP
Neutral protease 160,010 PC
Fungal protease 4.0 34,800 HUT
Bacterial protease 65,250 HUT
Rutin 30mg
Serratiopeptidase 120,000 SPU
Other ingredients: Cellulose, modified cellulose (vegetarian Capsule), enteric coating.


Take 3 Capsules daily without food, or as recommended by a healthcare professional


Keep out of reach of children