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Free Delivery on Orders Over $70!!

A rejuvenating cream formulated with Organic Rose Otto Oil, Rose Flower Water, Aloe Vera, Hydrofiltrat Menyanthes, Argan Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Borage Oil, Irish Moss, Shea Butter, Limeflower, Chamomile, Passionflower, Calendula, Vitamin E plus Geranium and Clove Essential Oils. This rich aromatic nourishing cream penetrates the subcutaneous layers of the epidermis, to stimulate cell regeneration and help support collagen and elastin synthesis, leaving the skin hydrated, nourished, firmed and bursting with cell regenerated health. Suitable for Vegans.

Why Rose Otto?
Rose oil has left an indelible mark in the history of essential oils. This fragrant, aromatic oil has been used in perfumery, cosmetics and medicine for many centuries.
Rose Otto is one of the most expensive aromatic essential oils, extracted through careful steam distillation, from the petals of the Rosa damascena species (Bulgarian or Damask rose). Genuine distilled Rose Otto oil is absolutely pure and extremely valuable, requiring approximately 4,000kg of flowers to produce 1kg of oil.
Rose Otto oil is successfully used in cosmetic products to inhibit the formation of fine lines and to fight premature skin aging. It improves the skin's health, texture and colour, making it looking smoother, younger, softer and luminous. It calms, balances, uplifts and invigorates the skin. It also nourishes and fortifies the hair leaving it in superb condition.
The Benefits of Rose Otto.

The delicate and fragrant molecules of Rose Otto are able to quickly penetrate and travel the micro pathways of the body, rapidly energising every cell, bringing harmony and beauty to the body.
Along with aphrodisiac, antidepressant[14], antiseptic and astringent properties it is considered a panacea with tonifying, soothing, relaxing[10],[11] and uplifting properties that can create a sense of well-being and promote inner relaxation [8],[9] and balance.
Rose Otto has a multitude of beneficial effects on the skin. It is wonderful in promoting a youthful tones look, elasticity and naturally coloured complexion.
It has excellent stimulating, emollient and hydrating properties, which help the skin to stay soft and properly moisturised as it fights dryness, dehydration and aging leaving skin glowing. It also helps minimise the appearance of fine lines.
It is suitable for all skin types, but it is especially valuable for dehydrated, sensitive, and irritated skins.
It is highly nourishing and regenerative for dry skin types and gentle, calming and soothing, for sensitive and inflamed skin[2].
Rose Otto, a naturally occurring antioxidant [6]
It is also a healing oil [4] that can promote tissue regeneration and may help with normal scar tissue formation, without any excess scar tissue of fibrous matter.
It has a tonic and astringent effect on the capillaries just before the skin surface, which makes it useful in diminishing the redness caused by enlarged and broken capillaries. This results in a more evenly coloured, healthy looking complexion.

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This rich aromatic nourishing cream penetrated the subcutaneous layers of the epidermis, to stimulate cell regeneration and help support collagen and elastin synthesis, leaving the skin hydrated, nourished, firmed and bursting with cell regenerated health.

Aloe barbadensis leaf juice, Aqua, Glycerin, Rosa damascena (Rose otto) flower water, Caprylic/capric triglyceride, Dicaprylyl ether, Oryza sativa (Rice) bran oil, Cetearyl alcohol, Glyceryl stearate, Butyrospermum parkii (Shea) butter, Borago officinalis (Borage) seed oil, Cetearyl glucoside, Argania spinosa (Argan) kernel oil, Sodium stearoyl glutamate, Xanthan gum, Chondrus crispus (Carrageenan) extract, Tocopheryl acetate, Menyanthes trifoliata leaf extract, Rosa damascena (Rose otto) flower extract, Passiflora incarnata (Passionflower) extract, Tilia europaea (Linden) flower extract, Calendula officinalis flower extract, Chamomilla recutita (Matricaria) flower extract, Ascorbic acid, Parfum, Pelargonium graveolens (Geranium) flower oil, Eugenia caryophyllata (Clove) bud oil, Rosa damascena (Rose otto) flower oil, Sodium benzoate, Potassium sorbate, Citric acid, Citronellol, Geraniol, Eugenol, Linalool. *Natural and food grade.

Apply liberally, as and when required

Not for internal use. Avoid contact with eyes. Do not apply to broken or irritated skin. If sensitivity occurs discontinue use. Avoid this product if you are allergic or sensitive to any of the ingredients. Keep out of reach of children. Do not use on animals. Store in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight.
Our ingredients are as unique as nature itself, therefore colour, odour and consistency may vary. This does not affect the quality of our products.