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Beautiful Skin - Naturally

Beautiful Skin - Naturally

There has been a lot of noise in the media about “free radicals” or “oxidative damage” when it comes to anti-aging and the way we look at skin care.

Oxidative damage can occur through things like stress, heavily processed, preservative filled foods, chemicals in skincare and cleaning products, environmental pollution and the suns harsh rays. If free radical production becomes excessive, cellular damage can occur causing premature aging and age related diseases.

In the first decade or two of our lives our bodies are well protected from free radical damage. Assuming we live a healthy balanced lifestyle during this time the levels of antioxidants are usually high enough to absorb most of the free radicals produced in the body. As we get older these protective systems slowly decrease increasing the need for additional antioxidant protection.

The multi billion dollar cosmetics industry is constantly bombarding us with the latest in anti-aging skincare. Beautiful packaging, celebrity endorsements, embellished claims and inflated prices have us believe they can sell us the fountain of youth in a gorgeous little pot. Unfortunately this high end skincare can be full of preservatives, parabens, artificial colours and fragrances that the body doesn’t recognise and can reject.

The savvy buyer can now tap into a market of natural skincare options with tried and true, researched ingredients. When it comes to the mopping up of free radicals in the body, Vitamin E is the super star. Vitamin E is one of those powerful antioxidants that has been used in skincare for many years.

Not only is vitamin E great for general skin health and beauty, it has been shown to reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks. It penetrates deep into the skins layers to encourage the natural growth of collagen which can play a significant role in reducing the appearance of many fine lines and wrinkles and improve skin elasticity.

Vitamin E can be used to heal and rejuvenate skin that has suffered sunburn. Since the vitamin molecules are small enough to penetrate the outermost layers of the skin, it can help heal sunburned skin from the inside out, thus helping ease the pain and redness.

Of course not all natural skincare is created equal so remember to choose 100% natural ingredients, without any nasty preservatives or parabens.

Ultimate Life Natural Vitamin E Cream is organic, paraben free and made right here in NZ. This fast absorbing, non-greasy, face and body cream contains only 100% natural ingredients to help penetrate deep into the skins layers for soothing, long lasting hydration.

This powerful formulation can be used to combat dryness and promotes softer, smoother skin by providing natural moisture, nourishment and anti-aging benefits. It enhances the skin’s natural ability to retain vital moisture and essential lipids, helps to soften and smooth dry cracked skin, guard against the visible signs of ageing and provides protection from the damaging effects of sun, wind and pollution. 

Ultimate Life Natural Vitamin E Cream is suitable for the whole family so everyone can enjoy healthy, glowing skin all year round.

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