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Marine Collagen: The Supplement You Never Knew You Needed!

Marine Collagen: The Supplement You Never Knew You Needed!

Collagen is becoming increasingly popular, with endless brands coming out with their version of the stuff. But what exactly is collagen? And what puts our collagen a step above the rest?

Well, collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body. It's made up of amino acids and found in our tendons, ligaments, skin, muscles, bones, and more. It's basically the glue that holds the body together. Unfortunately though, our bodies produce less and lower quality collagen as we age, and we are consuming far less of it from natural sources than we used to. That's why collagen supplements are so important, to fulfill our increasing collagen needs!

So what puts our collagen supplement above the rest? We use sustainably sourced marine collagen, which is odourless, tasteless, and contains eight of the nine essential amino acids. Marine collagen has superior bioavailability over bovine collagen which many brands use, meaning that it is super easy to absorb and spread through the body. Also, customers of large collagen brands report collagen being too powdery and leaving a bad taste in their mouths. On the other hand, OUR customers love that our supplements are combined with wild Canterbury blackcurrants for a divine and natural taste.

Collagen actually falls apart at very high temperatures, so when added to hot drinks, for example, its molecular structure melts and the desired health benefits are diminished. Our supplements come in a convenient vegetable capsule which is easily taken as it is, or can be dissolved into a cold drink!

But what exactly does collagen do? Well...

1) Rejuvenates your skin

One of the most well-researched benefits of collagen is the positive impacts it can have on the skin. As we age, the inner layer of the skin loses collagen and becomes less supple and more vulnerable to damage. Skin creams and treatments seem pretty ineffective when the actual cause of this skin-ageing can be linked back to the gradual loss of collagen. Research suggests that adding marine collagen into the diet can maintain dermal thickness and hydration levels. It can also diminish the appearance of lines and photo-ageing (Borumand & Sibilla, 2014), meaning that it has the potential to reduce the hallmarks of skin-ageing.

2) Sleep better

Glycine, the most abundant amino acid in marine collagen, can allow for a higher-quality sleep. It can also help to maintain the core body temperature and balance out spikes and dips in blood sugar: which are elements that can interfere with quality sleep. To truly reap these benefits, our supplements are best taken in the evening.

3) A digestion dream

Thanks to its amino acid profile, marine collagen helps to support the gut by maintaining inflammation. Did you know that the connective tissue in the lining of the gut is made almost entirely of collagen? Therefore, adding collagen to our diet also supports the tissue which lines the digestive tract.

4) Muscle support

Whether you're an athlete or not, marine collagen can be hugely beneficial for our muscles and ligaments. Glycine helps the body produce creatine, which supports muscle mass and exercise performance. Collagen is also a great source of proline, which helps monitor the cellular damage that might cause post-workout aches.

So there you have it! Collagen isn't "just another supplement" - it's a hugely important protein that our bodies currently don't get enough of. Our marine collagen supplements have huge benefits that others don't. No matter your age, gender, or what state your health is in, Ocean & Green Marine Collagen Supplements have got your back! Shop now to give us a go, and to truly reap the benefits of marine collagen!

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