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Free Delivery on Orders Over $70!!

Thyroid Support

Your thyroid (located at the frontal base of the neck) is the key gland that furnishes energy to every cell in your body. Its function is dependent on a balance of nutrients and trace minerals. These include zinc, copper, manganese and especially iodine.
  • Quest Vitality ThyroVital Complex
    Sold out
    Quest Vitality ThyroVital Complex
    Original Price $47.00
    Current Price $45.00

    Please note that this product is for practitioner dispensing only. Click here for more information Product Information Quest Vitality ThyroVital Co...

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  • Clinicians Thyroid Support Plus
    Save $1.59
    Clinicians Thyroid Support Plus
    Original Price $30.99
    Current Price $29.40

    Clinicians Thyroid Support Plus with Withania. Comprehensive nutrients to support thyroid gland function, healthy energy levels, healthy metabolism...

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  • Save $1.00
    Clinicians Iodine Oral Drops
    Original Price $16.99
    Current Price $15.99

    New and Updated Clinicians Iodine Oral Drops are based on the Lugol's iodine formulation, which combines elemental iodine, with potassium iodide, b...

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  • Save $7.05
    Nature's Sunshine Kelp
    Original Price $35.25
    Current Price $28.20

    Nature’s Sunshine Kelp is from a valuable sea vegetable, especially high in iodine, an essential trace mineral required to nourish and support the ...

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  • Save $6.80
    Nature's Sunshine Thyroid Activator
    Original Price $33.90
    Current Price $27.10

    Thyroid activator is a rich source of organic iodine which nourishes the thyroid gland, strengthens thyroid function and helps improve a sluggish m...

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  • Nature's Sunshine Dulse Liquid
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    Nature's Sunshine Dulse Liquid
    Original Price $44.10
    Current Price $35.30

    Dulse is a red seaweed, a rich source of vitamins, minerals, protein and other important nutrients. Dulse contains one of the highest concentration...

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  • Nature's Sunshine Thyroid Support
    Save $8.80
    Nature's Sunshine Thyroid Support
    Original Price $43.90
    Current Price $35.10

    Nature's Sunshine Thyroid Support. Glandular system support. The thyroid gland regulates the bodys metabolic activity level and is most commonly k...

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  • Save $7.35
    Nature's Sunshine TS-II
    Original Price $36.85
    Current Price $29.50

    Nature's Sunshine TS II is a herbal combination designed to support a healthy thyroid gland. Iodine from kelp and Irish moss supports healthy metab...

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