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Free Delivery NZ Wide on orders over $70!


Iron is an essential mineral that has several vital functions in the body. Its main function is to serve as a carrier of oxygen to the tissues from the lungs by the red blood cells. It also serves as a transport medium for electrons within cells, and as an integrated part of important enzyme systems in various tissues. Although iron is both plentiful and obtainable from a wide variety of foods, iron deficiency is still the most common form of mineral deficiency. Common symptoms of an iron deficiency include fatigue, dizziness, and moodiness, along with other symptoms.
  • Xcel Health Superior Iron

    Now in 30 capsule size. Xcel Health Superior Iron. A high quality, NZ made iron supplement for people with low iron levels or anaemia. Superior Iro...

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  • Source Naturals Methylcobalamin Sublingual
    Save $1.20
    Source Naturals Methylcobalamin Sublingual
    Original Price $26.70
    Current Price $25.50

    Source Naturals Methylcobalamin, an active coenzyme form of vitamin B-12, is essential for cell growth and replication. It is more concentrated th...

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  • Clinicians Vitamin B12 Sublingual Drops
    Sold out
    Clinicians Vitamin B12 Sublingual Drops
    Original Price $21.99
    Current Price $20.90

    Clinicians Vitamin B12 Sublingual drops. Vitamin b12 drops provide a highly bio-available form of Vitamin B12 in liquid format, for enhanced absorp...

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  • Good Health Iron Chews
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    Good Health Iron Chews
    Original Price $21.00
    Current Price $16.50

    Good Health Iron Chews are a great tasting, one a day chewable tablet providing 20mg of iron (per tablet) to help support the management of dietary...

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  • Solgar Vitamin B12 Nuggets
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    Solgar Vitamin B12 Nuggets
    Original Price $39.90
    Current Price $31.90

    Solgar Vitamin B12 Sublingual chewable nuggets. Featuring Cyanocobalamin. 1000mcg or 1mg. These small suckable tablets are ideal for those who are ...

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  • Clinicians Iron Boost
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    Clinicians Iron Boost
    Original Price $14.99
    Current Price $14.20

    Iron Boost contains Carbonyl Iron, which is 99% pure iron and its small size allows it to be better absorbed than other forms of iron. This means i...

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  • Solgar Beetroot Extract 500mg
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    Solgar Beetroot Extract 500mg
    Original Price $51.70
    Current Price $49.50

    Solgar Beetroot Extract 500mg (Beta vulgaris) Latest scientific research shows the beetroot can help to improve memory, lower blood pressure, incre...

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  • Nature`s Sunshine Chelated Iron
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    Nature's Sunshine Chelated Iron
    Original Price $47.75
    Current Price $34.70

    Chelated Iron provides a form of iron (ferrous gluconate) that's usually well-absorbed by the body. In this formulation the iron is enhanced with v...

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  • Harker Herbals Be well. Iron Boost

    Essential for healthy energy, this taste-free organic iron bisglycinate is non-constipating and readily absorbed. Blended with herbs, fruit and veg...

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  • Morlife Nettle Revive Tea
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    Morlife Nettle Revive Tea

    Nettle Revive is a unique blend of nettle leaf and berry fruits that are naturally rich in vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin C and iron; a ...

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  • Nature's Way Nettle Leaf
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    Nature's Way Nettle Leaf
    Original Price $34.95
    Current Price $33.95

    Natures Way Nettle herb. Urtica dioica stem, leaf and flower. Highly nutritive herb used as a tonic during pregnancy breast feeding. Help boosts n...

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  • Harker Herbals Iron Tonic
    Healthy Price
    Harker Herbals Iron Tonic
    from $34.10

    Harker Herbals Formula 741 Ironnurse Iron Tonic. Blood-Iron Tonic. The active ingredients are Yellow dock, Horsetail grass and Pure Blackberry conc...

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