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FREE DELIVERY on NZ orders over $70.

Short Dated till July 2021

Kiwiherb Herbal Throat Spray. Soothes Protects. A high potency organic throat spray containing Propolis, Kawakawa, Thyme and Echinacea root in a base of active Manuka honey. Soothes a sore throat and supports the immune system. A handy pack size for the pocket or purse. Directly targets a scratchy irritated throat with rapid soothing and protective properties. Suitable for all ages. 30ml

A unique blend of Propolis and antimicrobial herbs, including New Zealand native Kawakawa. Is Biogro certified organic.


Sore throats, Mild tonsillitis, Dry throat, Hoarsness, Halitosis (bad breath).


Each 1ml (7 sprays) contains extracts equivalent to certified organic Kawakawa leaf, dried 70mg, Echinacea purpurea root, dried 60mg, Thyme herb, dried 50mg, Active Manuka Honey, Propolis resin 9mg, Manuka Peppermint essential oil. No gluten, yeast, dairy derivatives. Contains alcohol.


Directions: Shake well before use.
Adults Children: 4 sprays into the mouth every 1 to 2 hours.
Store below 30&degC away from direct sunlight.
Do not use during pregnancy.


Not for use in pregnancy, due to the potential for Thyme to stimulate uterine muscles. Propolis may cause allergic reactions in allergy sufferers. Those allergic to Asteraceae family plants (eg chamomile, artichokes, daisies) should take care when taking Echinacea due to possible allergic reaction. Discontinue use immediately if any adverse reactions occur. Keep out of reach of children.