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Free Delivery on Orders Over $70!!

Ethical Nutrients Inner Health Baby Probiotic Drops. Scientifically formulated probiotic for babies. The Bifidobacterium family (Bifidobacteracea) make up around 95% of the total gut bacterial population in healthy newborns. Thought to be in some part connected with breast feeding and natural birth, the presence of bifidobacteria within the gastrointestinal tract has been associated with a number of health benefits. Infantile colic is a gastrointestinal disorder affecting 1 in 3 babies. A lack of bifidobacteria has been associated with an increase in gram-negative bacterial species with intestinal inflammation being implicated as causative factors for the development of colicky symptoms such as pain and gas in newborn babies. For babies and children ages 6-36 months (3 years). 8ml (30 serves) 5 drops a day


Ethical Nutrients Inner Health Baby Probiotic Drops:
Scientifically formulated probiotic for babies
Supports reduction with infantile colic
Help reduce crying time in colicky babies


Each 5 drops (0.25ml) serve contains: Bifidobacterium breve BR03 B632 200 Million Live Probiotic Bacteria.


Babies and children ages 6 months to 36 months (3 years): Measure 5 drops (0.25ml) with the measured dispenser included. Insert liquid into babies cheek, drink or food daily


Keep out of the reach of children.